Myths about sports nutrition


Myths about sports nutrition

Myths about sports nutrition are widespread misconceptions. The number of variations of these errors is infinitely large, but most of them boil down to a few general points, which we will try to deal with.

To begin with, what is sports nutrition? Sports nutrition is a group sports head football of nutritional supplements that make up for the lack of important substances needed by an actively training athlete to achieve better results. The components of sports nutrition include proteins of various origins, carbohydrates, amino acids, creatine, vitamins, mineral supplements, chondroprotectors, unsaturated fatty acids, stimulants, fat burners, etc. The athlete’s metabolism is significantly accelerated, and the load is higher than that of an average person, therefore, the need for some substances is higher. This need is often unable to satisfy ordinary, even very high-quality, food. Therefore, you have to take various supplements. We emphasize that sports nutrition is not a substitute for regular nutrition, but a supplement necessary in other cases. Let’s remember that for ordinary people, too, sometimes doctors recommend taking supplements – vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, etc. Now consider the main misconceptions.

“A brand is just an extra overpayment, all the same, all sports nutrition is made from one raw material” (or “has the same composition”)

This misconception arises from the fact that people think abstractly, do not understand that a particular object does not always coincide with its abstract scheme, and plus it also has a number of features that make significant changes to its properties and effect. It’s all the same as if we had not seen the difference between freshly caught, frozen fish and canned fish – after all, the first, second, and third are simply “fish”.

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For example, creatine. Speaking abstractly – creatine, he is everywhere creatine. But in fact, creatine is different: there is creatine monohydrate, and sometimes creatine hydrochloride. And there are other forms of creatine – alpha-ketoglutarate, malate, hydrotartrate, etc. In addition, some complexes include An International Year For MASmuscle – Information resource on bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle a “transport system” – a substance that improves the absorption of creatine. And anton sports different forms of creatine have different efficiencies, and different substances used as a transport system are also differently effective. So, in reality, creatine is different for creatine.

In addition to the above, it should be borne in mind that the quality of the feedstock for the production of sports nutrition complexes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the degree of purification is also different. For example, Be First takes the quality of raw materials for its products very seriously. Of course, in fairness it should be noted that there are not so many manufacturers of raw materials for sports nutrition in the world. Therefore, many companies producing sports nutrition columbus dispatch sports use raw materials from the same manufacturers. But still, the producer of each type of raw material is not one, they are different and the quality of the raw materials they produce has differences. So, in the end, you should carefully study the composition of a particular product indicated on the package, paying attention to the forms of substances used and additional components. Serious manufacturers value their reputation, which is easy to lose, therefore they try to use only those components whose effectiveness has been proven. And besides, the composition of their products is not only declared on the packaging. When purchasing a sports drink from a world famous manufacturer, you can be sure that the bank has exactly what is written on the label. In the case of little-known (“non-brand”) manufacturers, one cannot always be sure of this.

“The so-called manufacturers only pack raw materials produced by other companies”

This is one of the options of the previous error. The restaurant also usually does not milk cows, does not fatten pigs and does not grow lettuce. However, no one doubts that the dish we eat was prepared by the chef of the restaurant, not a farmer selling food to the restaurant. And the difference between the raw materials for the production of sports nutrition and the final product that we buy in the store is exactly the same – as between the root crop of carrots with tops and seeds in the ground, and Korean carrot salad.

Manufacturers of sports nutrition usually choose which raw material producer to buy the raw materials from, which means that the quality of sports food is determined by them, not the producers of raw materials. In addition, there is such a thing genius sports as a recipe. The ratio of components in the mixture is a very important nuance. The fact that coal and sulfur burn, and saltpeter supports combustion, people have always known. But only the Chinese in the 9th century succeeded in preparing gunpowder from these components for the first time, and even then by accident. In sports nutrition, not only the ratio of the main components plays a huge role, but also the amount of minor additives – flavors, sweeteners, stabilizers, taste regulators and anti-caking agents. Few ordinary consumers, who condemn the use of “chemistry” in the food industry, realize that the products are entirely obliged to artificial additives by the stable and constant quality, preservation, taste and nutritional value. None of us scolds the hostess who adds vinegar, salt and sugar to the tomatoes – pure chemistry, for that matter. And the art of housewives preparing dishes with the characteristic “you will lick your ea sports golf 2018 fingers” consists precisely in the ability to dose various additives. The situation is exactly the same in the food industry – the ability to make a worthy product from the main components that will be well stored, stirred, act properly and when taken will not cause a gag reflex – that’s what we pay money to sports nutrition producers. People who have tried sports nutrition from different manufacturers are well aware of the difference between cheap protein from Noname and protein from global brands. Although both there and there seems to be the same protein.

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“Normal sports nutrition – only imported, in Russia they suck”

Maybe a few years ago it was, but today the situation is completely different. Manufacturers have appeared in our country who make sports nutrition not just normal, but good – at the level of world brands. It costs at the same time, of course, a little cheaper, since there are no transportation costs, customs duties, etc. Although it also happens that large foreign manufacturers dump in order to capture the market, which, due to the much lower volume of production, domestic manufacturers cannot always cope with. It seems that in a few years the situation in the sports nutrition market will change. However, it is already obvious that dismissing a product just because it was produced “here” and not “there” is an unforgivable frivolity. Try sports nutrition from Be First and compare its quality with other manufacturers. In any case, you will be convinced that its quality is at the level of world manufacturers.

“Sports Nutrition – For Bodybuilders Only”

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This is also a fallacy. As we have already said, sports nutrition is a nutritional supplement needed by athletes (and not just bodybuilders) precisely because their physical activity far exceeds that of an ordinary person. But not all supplements have a narrow specificity and are aimed at muscle growth. There are jib sports many people who are engaged in grueling physical labor, or who experience significant physical activity of a different kind. For such people, many products from the category of sports nutrition are perfectly suited. Omega-3 fatty acids and carnitine Światowa Agencja Antydopingowa zawiesza renomowane laboratorium we Francji protect the cardiovascular system. BCAAs and glutamine help recover better after hard physical work. Chondroprotectors protect joints, and vitamins boost immunity and maintain overall body tone. And if you play sports in order to lose weight, or just strengthen joints, ligaments and muscles, then sports nutrition can be invaluable for you.

“An athlete can do without additives” (or “Why drink protein specifically watch tnt sports if you can eat meat?”)

Again, reasoning abstractly, the body perfectly extracts all the components it needs from ordinary food (provided that they are there, of course). However, in practice, with an increased need for any substances, ordinary food is not enough. You need to understand that even in the case of protein, active training requires at least 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight. If an athlete weighs 90 kg, then he needs 180 g of protein per day. In order to get such an amount of protein you need to eat almost 1 kg of meat. Or 1.5 kg of cottage cheese. In principle, there is nothing particularly phenomenal in this – to eat 5 chops (actually 5 portions of chicken breast is actually better) per day. And if the weight of the athlete is more? Or is training more intense and needs more protein? But you still need vitamins, chondroprotectors, etc. It is necessary to make a similar calculation on them. And if you manage to eat a bucket of porridge with meat and vegetables a day, and then digest all this normally, I’m happy for you. Many fail. Therefore, many people prefer to add the necessary substances in the form of sports drinks – protein or amino acid shakes, gainers, etc. – and do not rape an unhappy stomach.

“Sports nutrition is solid chemistry”

Well, yes, chemistry. Like sugar, salt, mayonnaise, and another 99% of what you eat. But chemistry chemistry is different. Indeed, synthetic substances are found among the components of sports nutrition. As well as almost all medicines, vitamins, etc. But there are a number of substances derived from natural products. For example, protein. Any protein is an extract from natural products rich in protein. The situation is exactly the same with the carbohydrates that are part of the gainers, with unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) and many other components.

It should be taken into account that if the word “chemistry” is understood as something foreign to our body, then this is simply a gross mistake. Because almost all sports nutrition is made up of substances that are present in our normal diet and in our body, only in a purified and concentrated form. Protein is just protein. BCAAs are amino acids that make up almost any protein. Creatine, carnitine – all this is part of regular meat, omega-3 – fish oil … You can list for a long time. We repeat once again: sports nutrition does not introduce any foreign impurities into our body, it makes up for the lack of certain wvu sports substances already present in our body and participating in the metabolism. Sportpit gives these substances to the body in a purified and concentrated form when they are especially needed by the body.

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“Sports nutrition is harmful to health”

Under this general thesis, innumerable nonsense has been collected, like the fact that athletes “have impotence from all your proteins”. Since almost all components of sports nutrition are substances that were originally present in our body, the additional intake of these substances, if it is capable of harming our health, is only in case of improper or immoderate use. Of course, even from an excess of coffee, some have tremors of the limbs, nervous excitement, and even hypertensive crisis. And from a large number of sweets – obesity and diabetes. So what? Who will conclude from this that coffee and sugar harm our health? But they do it. But it’s not they who harm, but their excessive use.

In order for sports nutrition not to harm our health, you need only two things:

A) carefully read the contraindications for use;

B) do not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

For example, it is believed that the body cannot absorb more than 30 g of protein at a time. Of course, this is an average figure, perhaps someone has this limit higher. But if you spit on these recommendations and crave 100 grams at a time nj sports betting Più muscoli a Castellbisbal, then the next day or two with a probability of 99% you will spend, sorry, in the toilet. Manufacturers of sports nutrition are well aware of the effects that their product causes, including side effects, and therefore honestly midco sports network warn us about this. If we do not listen to these warnings – who is to blame, besides ourselves?

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There is some nuance in taking stimulants that are part of, for example, pre-workout complexes (most often it is regular caffeine) – they can cause dependence (like coffee and strong tea) with prolonged use, and provoke problems with the cardiovascular system with excessive use. But this is again honestly written on the packaging.

fatty acids

Another nuance associated with testosterone boosters – they stimulate an increase in testosterone levels. But these are nutritional supplements, almost always consisting of natural components (extracts of various plants, etc.) that are relatively weak. They should not be confused with anabolic steroids – pharmacological drugs that are really dangerous because of their gross interference with hormones and a lot of side effects.

“Sports nutrition works the same for everyone” (option: “if it didn’t work for me, then it’s a fake”)

Based on what has been repeatedly said about replenishing the necessary substances, it can be concluded: sports supplements are most effective when two factors are combined: 1) the body is sufficiently susceptible to these substances, and 2) the lack of these substances in the body.

Let’s remember how the multivitamin complexes that are well known to all of us work. If we lack any vitamin, then the complex brings a visible effect. We feel better and enjoy life. If everything is fine with us, the intake fox sports ohio streaming of vitamins will remain ineffective at best, and in the worst we may get problems under the general name “hypervitaminosis”.

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The situation is approximately the same with sports nutrition. If we are actively training, our body needs high amounts of amino acids, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. And he will learn them with joy from sports nutrition. If we lead a passive lifestyle, taking sports nutritional supplements will be useless, or even contribute to the development of progressive obesity.

In addition, not every organism is equally susceptible to the same substances. For example, creatine does not bring the expected effect to everyone. Sometimes the effect is hardly noticeable, but sometimes it is absent altogether. And it’s not about creatine, but that this particular organism needs something else. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the intake of sports nutrition – to know exactly the effect of the supplements taken and have a clearly defined task, as well as fulfill other necessary conditions (competently planned training, balanced nutrition). And if some supplement did not bring the expected effect – you need to think and choose another. In the end, just constantly trying to do something, we gain experience and find something of our own.

Sportpit too expensive

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Yes, these products are not cheap. But do not exaggerate their high cost. For example, a 900-gram can of protein (concentrate) from a well-known manufacturer costs an average of about 1,500 rubles. For this money, you can buy a kilogram of 5-6 chicken breast fillets (even more), which is generally equivalent in terms of protein. So you can’t say that the sportpit is very expensive. As a rule, in each category of additives there is a range of prices, determined by the quality of the additive and brand power. The most expensive supplements – some overpayment for the Kulturystyka Spala więcej tkanki tłuszczowej dzięki Tri brand is possible, the cheapest – perhaps the quality suffers. It’s best to stick to the middle ground. Among proteins, choose a concentrate, make aes sports a gainer yourself from protein and sugar, and give preference to inexpensive, but well-established brands. With a competent approach, you can save money and use such an achievement of modern culture as sports nutrition.

There are many other myths related to specific products and issues of their application, but this is already beyond the scope of this article.